Security Systems

Elan security home touch panel

We have vast experience in all forms of security systems, touch panels, alarm monitoring and cameras.   We are an authorized dealer / installer for Elan Home Systems, Lutron, and DSC systems.  We can also install a variety of other systems, give us a call today to go over your security and Home Automation needs! 

Panels, Keypads, and Modules

DSC touch panel

We install both DSC and Elan panels, keypads, sirens, and modules depending on your specific home needs.  These systems offer alerts for each time a door is open, or not secure providing homeowners peace of mind.

Security Cameras

Elan home security camera

We are a home security camera installer as well, working with a variety of systems based on your home or business needs.  Whether it is adding 1 or 2 basic cameras for your home, or fully integrate cameras with programmable facial recognition, auto focus, and more for your smart home; we do it all and love keeping up on the latest trends in home security / smart homes.